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Moments Chapter 3

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            “That’s what makes you beautiful!” Harry finished the song.

            “HAVE MY BABIES HARRY!” Tori screamed sarcastically.

            “Give me a time and place, I’ll be there.” Harry winked.

            “I’ve never been to a concert, let alone been the only person in the audience.” Tori looked around amazed. We were having the sound check at the moment for our concert. This was the last one in L.A, and then we’d have a short break before heading off to the last leg of our TMH tour in Australia. “Wonder what it’s like when it’s full?”

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but remember

Moments Chapter 2

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            “I’m so boreddd!” Zayn complained plopping back on the couch.

            “One does not simply get bored of FIFA.” Niall held up his hand, making an ‘o’ with his thumb and index finger. (Bleh sorry for that choice of game, but that’s the only thing I know.)

            “Well one just did.” Zayn mocked.

            “It’s only the third day of our break how are we going to last 4 more?” I groaned. I too was getting bored. All we did, for three whole days, was eat, play FIFA, eat, play more FIFA, eat, play even MORE FIFA then go to sleep just to start all over again. The doorbell rang, interrupting my thoughts.

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Moments Chapter 1

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*Everything is in Liam’s point of view unless stated otherwise*

            “I’m going to go take a quick bathroom break, be right back you guys.” I called out, running out of the recording studio. I quickly did my business and washed my hands. Whew, feeling refreshed already. I pushed open the door and almost bumped into a girl holding coffee. She wobbled, wiggled her arm a bit and managed to balance the tray of five cups without spilling anything.

            “Oh my god, that was so close to ending up in a cliché moment but seriously you should watch where you’re going because if I were to spill this I’d be dead and it’d all be on you, what if I were holding a knife and I didn’t regain my balance and I stabbed either of us or maybe even both and holy crap.” Her eyes widened as she finally looked up. Her free hand quickly flew up to her mouth and she backed up a little. “Mr. Payne I am so sorry please forgive me I apologize I had no id—“

            “Not to sound rude or anything but… who are you?” I raised an eyebrow.

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